Teaching at the University


This is generally the best type of English teaching job you can get in Asia. You get paid much more money than the other positions. You get more time off and you get a lot more respect. But these types of positions usually take connections and some kind of teaching certificate. In these types of classes you’re going to be teaching a mix of conversational English, standardized test English such as the TOEFL test or the TOEIC test and business English. When teaching the conversational English classes you’re generally going to be following similar patterns than the English conversation school lessons but generally at a higher level. When teaching for the standardized test you’re going to have to have quite an extensive amount of knowledge about the particular test. In Japan generally the TOEIC test is the number one test. Is taken by many people and it is also used by various corporations and businesses to measure their employees English ability. To work in some kind of international position generally applicants will need anywhere from 800 to 850 points on the TOEIC test. The TOEFL test is still taught but is not as popular. The TOEFL test generally is taken by people who want to go to college in America or Canada. Another test, the IELTS test, is similar to the TOEFL test but for people who want to go to college in Great Britain. As of now this test is not very well-known in Japan. Lastly the business related classes are very similar in with the conversational English classes yet more focused obviously on business related situations and business related vocabulary. There is more focus on international business norms and the type of communication methods and techniques that are common. Understanding different countries cultures and how that relates to their communication styles. In another post we will go over different ways to teach the TOEIC test and to teach business classes.

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