Teaching at a company


Most Asian companies and especially Japanese countries are not large enough where they need full-time English teacher on their staff. But there are certain situations or cases when a large company has the need for a full-time English teacher. These jobs generally lie in between English conversation school position and a university position in terms of benefits. You won’t get as many days off or as high of a salary as a university teacher but you will be doing better than your normal average English conversation school teacher. In these types of positions quite honestly it’s all about connections and who you know. Generally it doesn’t matter if you have a particular certificate for teaching English what matters more is the amount of experience you have in English teaching and you also will need some Japanese language skills. Certainly you do not need fluency but you do need to be able to communicate with people who have no interest in English or cannot speak English at the company. You will be teaching a variety of different classes. You will have hobby classes where most of the people simply want to have an interesting hobby after work so the company provides that for them. You will have beginning classes for new employees who want to go into the international sale section or might need some kind of English ability. You will have smaller classes or private classes with executives in certain departments. And the vast majority of this will be focused on business related topics of course. Be warned that the Japanese have a different idea of a normal working day. And for that matter a different idea for a normal working week. Most Japanese businessmen will work from eight until eight at night. Very often they will work Saturdays and they will also find themselves at many drinking parties that are in essence required. You will not be expected to work quite at the same level of intensity as the normal Japanese business men but you certainly will be working more than 9-5.

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