Teaching at a kindergarten


Surprisingly enough there are many English teaching positions available to teach English at various kindergartens around the country. These classes are generally short. Usually anywhere between 20 minutes to 45 minutes. You will be teaching anywhere from age two to age 6. The class curriculum is generally very simple and the focus is obviously on making the classes as enjoyable as possible. A basic class would run like this. You would enter the class and have greetings with the students. A simple hello or good morning would be fine. Then you’ll have some kind of warm-up activity that you like to do every class and that the students more or less know by heart. I generally like to do a Type of Simon says game. Then you will move on to a set of flashcards. Maybe today’s flashcards would be animals. You show the fast cards you tell them the word and then they will repeat the word. Depending on the age you might insert a simple sentence with a flash card. If their young simply saying the word is enough. But if there are six or even five years old and you might say this is a dog. Then after that if you have time you might read this simple English picture book to them. Or you might sing in simple English song that will go over very subjects. And then perhaps you will play a game using the flashcards that you showed them previously. Teaching at the kindergarten has its ups and downs. The kids are so young that it is almost like playing in a room full of puppies and kittens. They’re all very sweet and cute. But be forewarned it takes an amazing amount of energy to teach these classes. It also takes quite a lot of skill to control the class of 15 three-year-olds. If you don’t have the skill the class will soon turn into chaos. This brings us to another problem. Whether the school allows you to conduct the class as you please which includes discipline and timing and pacing. Or are you an assistant to the young class teacher. In terms of having a good experience teaching kindergarten or not generally I have found that the most important aspect is discipline in the amount of control that you have in the class. You will have to make some of these children cry. You will have to send of some of these kids out to timeout and are going to cry their eyes out. You unfortunately have to become numb to this. Because if you let one child talk too much or not follow the rules then it’s going to infect all the rest of the children and you’re going to have absolute chaos and he won’t be able to get any setting that. Especially during the ages of say for and five at years old. Generally the pay for this type of work is similar to a normal English conversation school teacher salary. You obviously will have earlier hours and get off work slightly earlier. But again I warn you that you will be shocked at how much energy it takes to conduct these classes.

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