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Welcome to our website. This is the website of three individuals who were friends in college and decided together to go to Asia and get a job teaching English. There is Ed, Smith and Alder. We are all from Great Britain. We were college roommates for three years and enjoyed studying, drinking with friends, and generally just being you. Then when graduation came along we decided that we did not want to start our 9-5 jobs just yet. We would like a little adventure we thought. So we started researching various ideas individually and a couple months later we are all having dinner together and out of the blue we started talking about teaching English in different countries around the world. This appeal to everybody and we decided that we have to choose a country and we would all go there as a group. We started talking about the different countries that we could go to, since we were in the EU we could easily go to any other European country but we decided that we wanted to go farther than Europe we really wanted to experience completely different cultures. So Europe was out. Then we thought about going to South America but we thought that perhaps the crime might be a little too much for three country English boys. Then the idea came about to go to Asia. But Asia is so big where should we go? Well after researching things for a little bit we soon decided that Japan would probably be the best bet. Japan has very little crime, they have many English schools so we thought it would be easy to find a job in the same city for all three of us, Japan has a very interesting culture and Japan has a great nightlife and of course we wanted to enjoy that as we are still young men. We decided to create this website so that we could communicate our experiences with other fellow travelers and our friends and family back home. We also want to provide a place for information for anyone like us who would like to take the same path that we did. Perhaps they could learn something from our website and avoid some of the mistakes that we and other people before us have made. Last but not least we also want to make this website a place where any teachers can come to find out about any new English related news, English teaching methods and various English teaching materials. Well that’s basically the idea so I hope you can search around the website and find some information that is useful to you. Member we’d like communicating with all of her visitors so if you have time stop by the contact us page and send us a message.

Ed, Smith abd Alder

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